Why “In Yoga”?

The benefits of Yoga can’t be limited to the mat.

In Yoga Collective is dedicated to applying Western physiology and mindfulness techniques to promote self-regulation and resilience through evidence-based practices.

Trauma Informed Mindfulness combines Western anatomy and physiology with ancient Eastern techniques to re-regulate the body and mind for increased resiliency and overall wellness. 

 IYC provides specialized training for social workers, school teachers, non-profits, health clinics and government agencies to educate on the science and practice of mindfulness and how it can be easily applied at home and work.

IYC instructors also offer regular weekly classes for adults and/or kids with a trauma informed focus, promoting nervous system regulation and healthy coping habits.

Together, IYC instructors and members bring unique expertise and a student’s mind to share knowledge and insights for communal well-being.

From In Yoga Collective’s homebase at North Port Yoga + Wellness in SWFL to Southern California, Connecticut, Indiana and beyond…IYC is honored to connect with local, county and state-wide agencies to share trauma informed trainings and classes, just once or regularly, to best suit the needs of the community.

In settings such as the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), with Veterans, substance abuse in-patient recovery, county jail, juvenile in-patient recovery, health care facilities, community centers and the like, assigned instructors receive specialized training and are matched based on their demonstrated commitment to serving that particular demographic.

Join the Collective to promote the continuation of this work, receive exclusive discounts, full-length classes, videos, blog posts and more.

Interested to host a trauma informed training or class in your corner of the world?

Contact us to learn more and discuss how our instructors might best serve your specific community.

Why “In Yoga”?

“In yoga” implies a continued effort over time.

Like all things, positive changes to our health take time to integrate into our routine. Health and wellness is a lifestyle. Originating with the concept “A Year in Yoga,” founder Amy Osborne, M.A. in Yoga Studies, believes yoga lives in all aspects of life, if we choose to see it. Her own past health concerns (primarily stress induced), as well as five years of immersion in yoga study and teaching has prepared Amy to share individualized yoga. She’s excited, or would more likely say “stoked,” to bring wellness to others through custom sessions or sadhana development.

The benefits of yoga are understood and researched now more than ever. Experience how yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques support overall health for yourself.

For Your Organization:

  • Host a workshop or “Lunch n’ Learn” 
  • Provide a one-time training for staff 
  • Offer regular, weekly classes 
  • Design a wellness program customized to your organization

For Individuals:

  • Private Sessions, Coaching

  • Teacher Training

  • Classes, Workshops

Schedule time a consultation to meet your and/or your organization’s needs.



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