Happy Holidays! from In Yoga Consulting


Wishing you and yours and very Merry Holiday.

If you’re surrounded by family and loved one’s, remember to toast to
good health and togetherness.

If you are with friends, remember to express gratitude for
connectedness and unconditionality.

If you find yourself alone at the holidays, remember to take this time to practice
self-care, move slowly, and remember all that you’ve accomplished this year.

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, give yourself permission to unplug and let go.

Well wishes for a joyful and restful holiday season,


PS: My gift for you! See Happy Holidays! (your Asana Cheatsheet) and remember to keep up your home practice during the holiday break. (Even if more for sanity than fitness…) Originally published to the In Yoga blog on Dec. 24th 2014.

happy holidays yogamyla
Holidays Asana, circa Dec. 24th 2014

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